LOTTOmania 1.2.9

LOTTOmania is a utility pack to help lotto players win
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LOTTOmania is a utility pack for lotto players. It will help them in filling out their tickets using the most popular winning patterns.
LOTTOmania will let you choose the type of lotto you want to bet in. This program can be used with systems drawing 4 to 8 numbers out of a 1 to 99 number pool, retrieving the history of results of the most popular lotteries in a wide number of countries. Then, using its own statistical analysis based on those results, the program will be able to create a ticket with high probabilities of winning the prize.

LOTTOmania will let you design your lotto tickets and print them with the numbers you have chosen already included in them. You can restrict the statistical analysis to any number of past draws, or include all of them. Besides downloading the results from the developers’ website, you can update the results manually, and even calculate how many times a particular number appeared. The statistics analysis include hit frequency and rank, active-passive, odd-even, sum, low-hi, draw summary, number group, all numbers hit, and sequence finder.

The evaluation version of this program will work for thirty days, and will download just the last hundred draws for each lottery.

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